Are you a motivated and talented installer tech?   SourcOne has an oppotunity for you today.


The opening is for a contract part time.  Installing our wireless antenna's on customers roofs. 

    Knowledge and experience with Wireless Radio system
    Abaility to mount roof based antenna and run cat-5 wire. 


    You earn 50.00 per install
    You continue to earn 40% of the installed customer's monthly charge for as long as they are a paying customer!  


SourceOne Internet Provides:
    All necessary equipment
    All tower and backbone expenses


Interested parties are invited to email SourceOne

We have recently changed the coporation name to S1I, LLC.   This is simply an update.  No services will be effected.



SourceOne Internet Services is always looking for a great new spot for a radio tower.  This can mean a small plot of ground on a corner somewhere, or a roof top.  If you have a location that would provide clear line of sight to homes and business' around you, please contact us.  

Did you know that you can add multiple VoIP Lines to your smartphone?  Use your Apple Iphone or Android to add a 2nd or 3rd phone line. With SourceOne Internet Services' VoIP you can add upto 25 additional lines on your Iphone today!

Sign up Today for S1 VoIP!

Check Out BRIA SmartPhone App from CounterPoint


Can someone really steal a tower?

Yes.  In fact one of our tower sites was stolen. 

We had a tower in the south part of Logan. The owner of the property that the tower was located on had gone out of business, but continues to own the property. However, the owner did want to sell the property and we moved all of our clients on that tower to other resources, leaving this tower operational but unused. After some time, the power was turned off. We didn’t pay attention to the loss of power since the tower was not being used. We had planned on working a new deal with the new owner of the property when it was sold.  

Instead….   We received a phone message from a local competitor stating that he had went and remove our tower without our permission.   Not only did he steal our equipment and tower, he had the audacity to leave us a message telling us he took it….

We have to love the honesty and integrity of some.  

Thankfully the customers and clients of SourceOne Internet are the BEST! Thank you all for your continued support!

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